Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Review

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

Product: Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

Price: Rs 99 (18g) or Rs 199 (40g)

How to Use:

Apply a pea sized portion all over face and neck.

My thoughts:

Fag end of 2011 saw the rise of the BB creams (Beauty Balm/ Blemish Balm/Beauty Benefit) with a lot of American and European brands jumping in to the bandwagon to get a slice of the market for this so-called miracle invention, a product that was originally conceived in Asia.

We saw mousses, lotions and potions making tall claims to be that one step beauty regimen combining moisturising, sun protection, spot concealing and make-up base which really all sounds too good to be true.

So let us find out if the Garnier BB cream does what it says on the tin!

BB Cream Packaging

BB Cream Packaging

The packaging is fairly straightforward with a beige coloured tube and a white screw cap top. The screw top is tight enough to avoid any spillage of product so I imagine it would travel well although this I have not tested.

The cream itself comes in two shades or so I heard however the store I went to only stocked the one shade I am swatching here. I have a medium complexion with my hands slightly more tanned than my face hence this shade suits my face better than it swatches on my palm.

Thick Swatch

Thick Swatch

Partially Blended

Partially Blended

My skin is very dry sensitive and flaky so basically I have to bathe myself in moisturizer every morning after a shower to ensure my skin doesn’t feel stretchy afterwards. So in that sense I have to use my daily moisturizer under this cream else the moisturizing properties of this product will not work for me. But if you have normal skin then using the BB cream on its own should work well for you. It also has a pleasant smell perhaps a bit floral? The smell doesn’t bother me as it does not linger on the skin for long.

Fully Blended

Fully Blended

Just after application my skin felt soft and fresh however after a few hours of wear and when out and about in the sun my face looked a bit ashy rather than dewy. This could be down to the colour or the cream itself I cannot confirm which one. The coverage on this cream isn’t great but I prefer sheer coverage anyway so I didn’t see this as a problem.

Overall I cannot really justify the miracle skin perfecting claims as it has not really helped clear out spots or imperfections on my skin and I also feel the SPF factor is too low for me to wear this out in the sun for too long. All I use this is for an instant application to brighten my face when I have no time for a full-fledged make up session.


  • Good texture and smell
  • Sheer Coverage
  • Good VFM (Value for Money)
  • Convenient and hygienic Packaging


  • Need more shades to suit all skin tones.
  • Not really a miracle skin perfector.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

What do you think about the Garnier BB Cream? Has it done any miracles for you? 


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