Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Calypso Coral


Product: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

Shade: Calypso Coral

I have had this for quite a while now and I have tried it…and tried it…and swatched it…and worn it out in the sun……licked it (no I didn’t!) but you get my drift.

I did not like it. There I said it. There’s no going back now. Why? You ask.

This product has been hugely successful in all of Bobbi brown make up launches and I do not say this lightly at all. In fact I have tried the older version of this too, I think I might even have reviewed it but I am going to talk about just this one now.



Let’s start with the good bits. The packaging is gorgeous! It comes in the typical Bobbi Brown black compact type packaging with a mirror, not really in a pot as the name suggests. I like the newer packaging than the older version (even though they skimped on product quantity) as the older version did not come with a mirror and looked less luxurious. It clicks shut too and the creamy product travels well.



But that’s where it ends for me I am afraid. It is a creamy blush/ lippy but I could never wear this on the lips as it is not smooth, does not glide and settles easily in my lip lines. The colour particularly does nothing for me and as you can see from the swatches it is a ‘line hugger’! I am a huge fan of coral shades but this one is not exclusive.

I would say it works better as a blush, I apply it with my finger tips and it blends okay. My personal gripe with this blush is the uncomfortable sticky feeling on my cheeks that most luxury cream blushes do not have. I would have liked it to sort of disappear and give me a glow but it sort of just sits there. And no it does not go as a cream to powder blush and the effect is quite streaky.

The colour payoff is pretty good as you need very little product and its buildable and such so I suppose its value for money in that sense. I have sensitive skin and every time I wore this product it irritated my skin and I ended up not wearing it for long. It settled in to my pores, in fact it blocked my pores in a way. The product is quite heavy so even though it’s a summer colour, I didn’t like wearing it in the sun as it made my skin extra greasy and I have dry skin.

I don’t think I would be purchasing this again. Even though I am a huge Bobbi Brown fan, our love story ends here.

So am I over reacting? Am I the only one here?


  • Packaging


  • Everything else.

Overall Rating: 2/5