Chanel Glossimer 367 Intrigue


Product: Chanel Glossimer

Shade: no. 367 Intrigue

When was the last time you treated yourself to something special? It’s too hot for evening walks in the park, everyone’s busy with life in general so I hit the mall and this is what I picked up to perk up my spirit. Everyone needs a bit of Chanel in their life.

So here I was walking in the mall minding my own business, swatching different lippes when this dusky beauty stared back at me. I had to get it! I was so bored with my corals and tangerines, I needed something different. I wanted some red wine…something to compliment my dusky skin.

And boy was I let down!

_DSC0071Because this baby is nothing like it says on the tin…. Err or rather what it looks like. I was expecting a sort of dark Marsala shade but really it is not. The shade is very sheer and looks like I have a transparent lip gloss on as it is very similar to my natural lip tone. That’s not to say it won’t appear more prominent on light skins.


Overall I love the feel of this gloss. Even if the shade was a bit of a let-down I can see this flying with a lot of people. Chanel lip glosses are an absolute luxury to have. They are not sticky, have a decent wear power and beautifully moisturise the lips leaving it soft and supple long after the colour has worn off. So for this reason, this gloss is a winner for me.


  • Possible ‘nude’ shade for dusky women
  • Extremely moisturising
  • Good stay power


  • Expensive

Overall Rating: 4/5